Barge Rental:

- Barge, floats, and marine equipment rental;
- Operations with navigation of maritime and port support services;
- Lifting, mooring, loading and moving goods in port areas;
- Providing crane services (including floating crane) and towing and maritime movement to any domestic location.

The barges with a totally modular system are easy to assemble, and have a pin system (clean assembly, without polluting the environment) allowing various types of use. The modules have significant weight and cargo capacity, are easy to tow, and have a small draft, allowing work close to the shore and in shallow waters, and can also have a large breadth. Also, the modular barges were designed to be transported via highway, reducing delivery and assembly time.

All of the modules (barges) are registered with the Brazilian Maritime Authority and are approved for support works in civil construction, maritime construction, and in general; cargo, transportation; events and promotional activities; advertising; rigs; service platforms; work on marinas, piers, and ports; and as a base for cranes, piling, and movable bridges.