Speed and low cost for mobilization and demobilization. That is how Mundial Balsas works in Brazil. Providing modular barges that can be connected quickly and simply, without losing their resistance, the company is a specialist in renting barges for floating construction. The international technology used by Mundial Balsas provides clean and fast service, and the team is made up of qualified professionals to assemble and disassemble the equipment in various locations: rivers, lakes, oceans, and dams.

With their own towboat, and perfected coupling mechanisms and systems, the company offers every solution for civil construction vessels. Some of the construction works serviced by Mundial Balsas are the refurbishment of the Hercílio Luz Bridge, in Florianópolis (SC); the installation of energy transmission towers for a dam in the city of Rio Grande (RS); and the barge that holds the Christmas Tree in the Rodrigo de Freitas Lake, in Rio de Janeiro (RJ), considered one of the largest floating engineering projects in this segment.